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Experiences You Can Keep Forever

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Meet Christiane  |  瑞英

Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Performance Coach

Founder & Creative Director of

Christiane Mikaela draws from her 20 years of experience as an international performer, songwriter, MOE-certified vocal coach and event planner, as well as her background in psychology, to help bring your musical vision to life. Armed with a mission to inspire those lost in the darkness, she developed the Christiane Mikaela brand to build meaningful values through music and to create music experiences you can keep forever.

Christiane has since been featured in Straits Times, Esplanade & Singapore Jazz festival for her genuine and heartfelt music experiences. Performing & composing since the age of 5, Christiane has gone from humble beginnings in Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s recitals to stages around Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Japan, Australia and even amongst tribes in Africa.

What others are saying about
The Christiane Mikaela Experience

"I've never witnessed someone pull off a
music performance while single-handedly
organising & running the event itself."

- Anson, Musician

"I don't think anyone has done a custom song before. It was quite special...I'm very happy
with the end result. It was fun!"

- Derek (Custom song for wife's wedding surprise)

Christiane Mikaela has a "formidable voice
that comes entwined with meaningfully
written compositions.”

- JUICE Magazine

"Caleb said he’s never met a teacher like Ms Christiane, who teaches in a fun way. He really enjoys her lessons. It's also easier for him to ask questions or clarify, since it's a private class."

- Audrey, Caleb's mother (10 years old)


Experiences Overview

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