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Vocal Performance Coaching

The Vocal Performance Program transforms your English, presentation confidence & body awareness.

FOR KIDS (6-18)

An ongoing vocal & music exploration course that helps improve essential life skills such as speech, English comprehension, literary understanding, analytical skills, self-awareness, body language, good moral values & presentation confidence... All while learning how to sing!


Having good content is a starting point, but delivery is key. Christiane's public speaking coaching can help you learn how to capture your audience's attention, by improving the quality of your speech & confident delivery. Christiane has coached many to become eloquent communicators, using vocal dynamics to improve speaking tone and body awareness to communicate confidently in front of an audience.

I get to sing songs I like while I learn - it's a fun experience! I've learnt lots of breathing techniques & technical I want to train my voice to be more powerful, less shaky & more confident."

Learn vocal & performance basics from the experience of a professional performing artist & songwriter, using fun & simple concepts that even our little ones can understand, with an active emphasis on character development, discernment and ownership as a music consumer & creator.


The program is custom-tailored to each client and includes regular virtual vocal performance showcases.


It's time to hone your innate talents and learn how to apply your skills, not just how to sing. Enquire now.


1 hour / session

Private / group / trial classes available

Date(s) & time(s) based on studio slot availability

Progress depends on age, practice time, aptitude and the nature of individuals


Christiane Mikaela Studio / Zoom (Online)

* Subject to T&C of Christiane Mikaela. Preview here​.


Vocal Explorers Holiday Program

All of our music experiences are fully customisable, so please write in to receive a quote. Let us help you bring your musical vision to life!

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