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Meet Christiane  |  瑞英

Singer, Songwriter, Vocal Performance Coach

Founder & Creative Director of

Christiane Mikaela draws from her 20 years of experience as an international performer, songwriter, MOE-certified vocal coach and event planner, as well as her background in psychology, to help bring your musical vision to life. Armed with a mission to inspire those lost in the darkness, she developed the Christiane Mikaela brand to build meaningful values through music and to create music experiences that you can keep forever.


Christiane has since been featured in Straits Times, Esplanade & Singapore Jazz festival for her genuine and heartfelt music experiences. Performing & composing since the age of 5, Christiane has gone from humble beginnings in Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s recitals to stages around Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Japan, Australia and even amongst tribes in Africa.

With her trademark “sultry pipes” (Straits Times), a “formidable voice that comes entwined with meaningfully written compositions” (JUICE Magazine), Christiane's originals are a unique blend of R&B/Soul and Latin/African influences that she calls tropicana spice. Since graduating with an Honours Degree in Psychology (2015) and Music Discipleship School with YWAM Perth (2016), Christiane has showcased her music at Singapore Jazz Festival, Singapore Night Festival, and collaborated with the National Arts Council, Singapore Show Choir Academy and Montreux Jazz Group to name a few. She has released singles in collaboration with Singapore International Foundation, NEA, independent producers in Sydney and Uganda, and is registered with COMPASS Singapore.

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Armed with a mission to inspire, she developed the Christiane Mikaela brand to build meaningful values through music and to create music experiences you can keep forever.

Apart from being a prolific songwriter and musician, Christiane also has extensive performing and vocal coaching experience since 2012. She has coached a wide range of students in vocals & stage presence from 4 years old and above, in workshops and programs for both private and group settings (MOE-IRS Certified), and led numerous individuals as well as choirs to compete in the B-Dazzled! Show Choir competitions and SYF. Being a passionate writer and linguist, Christiane also holds a vast amount of experience in improvisational singing, poetry, hosting, modelling, acting in film/commercials & event coordination. 

Christiane is an active member of the worship ministry in Church Of Our Saviour. She has a genuine heart for people, actively volunteering on Christian missions around the globe like in Nepal and Philippines, hoping to cultivate an empowered & Christ-centred mindset in children, youth and women especially after her own life was transformed by God. Christiane has also been involved in coordinating events like the annual EarthFest Singapore and causes like REACH’s youths at risk. 

By drawing from her colourful life experiences and intertwining themes of overcoming strife into her music, Christiane aims to create an atmosphere of joy and vibrance that will empower her listeners. She believes that music can be a fun, positive avenue for individuals to discover or hone their latent talents, challenge themselves, strengthen their English skills, and most importantly, to pick up lasting & wholesome values. Not afraid to keep things vulnerable, CHRISTIANE hopes that her empowering music and disarming nature will be an honest and safe space for individuals to rediscover their fire and true North.


Discerning what's good with positive messages, progress & encouragement

What's Good

We see music as a powerful tool to

transform atmospheres & hone innate talent.

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Your story is unique. Just like how each child is different. The music we create should capture that.

Tailored to the Individual

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