Workshops: Performance Confidence

Always wanted to command the stage when you present in front of an audience? Do you want to groom your team to become better communicators and presenters?

Research has shown that 55% of communication is done through body language, 38% through your tone and a mere 7% through the actual words themselves. In Christiane Mikaela's Performance Confidence Workshops, use singing to learn how to better articulate yourself in presentations, vocal dynamics to improve your speaking tone, and body awareness to communicate confidently in front of your audience.


 We transform technical jargon into fun, interactive and easy concepts...

...using the oft-overlooked aspects of music like song interpretation & performance confidence to improve inter-personal communication skills, speech, analytical skills, self-awareness and presentation confidence. Enquire today.

Learn vocal & performance basics from the experience of a professional singer-songwriter & performing artist. The workshop series is completely custom-tailored to every project. Attend your masterclasses online or from the comfort of your office. Learn how to apply your skills, not just how to sing.

Suitable for:

Corporate team-building

Companies looking to up-skill

School programs

Holiday programs

Parties & celebrations

Christiane Mikaela has a "formidable voice that comes entwined with meaningfully written compositions.

- JUICE Magazine

Sample of Works by @ChristianeMikaela

All of our music experiences are fully customisable, so please write in to receive a quote. Let us help you bring your musical vision to life!