Gift A Song

The best gifts are those with a personal touch.

Why send a bouquet when you can GiftASong? Simply choose a song that is meaningful to you, customise the lyrics if you wish and watch it being performed together with a special message from you. Everyone can get involved from wherever they are in the world during its premiere on YouTube. You can even learn how to perform your own GiftASong!

Suitable for:

Special occasions & milestones

Encouraging someone in need

Appreciating your best clients

Product / store launch

Customise it!

(1) Curated Song Database

(2) Specific Song Selection

(3) Modified Lyrics

(4) Mash-Up

(5) The Songwriting Experience

Order your gift:

At least 1 week in advance

(Expedited orders subject to availability)

This is soooo special! My family is in tears just listening. Thank you so so much!

Sample of Works by @ChristianeMikaela

All of our music experiences are fully customisable, so please write in to receive a quote. Let us help you bring your musical vision to life!